Reservations must be made in advance. Accommodation rates will be based on availability from the date of offer.

Guests will receive a written confirmation of the booking, once the booking has been secured (credit card pre-authorization, bank payment, cash at reception or card payment at reception) through a deposit.


The rates offered by Complex «Codru» include VAT and city tax. The list of rates / prices for additional services, such as dry cleaning, are available on request and are displayed in the rooms of our hotel.

The payment method depends on the choice of the type of reservation, and the respective payment terms may vary depending on the reservation.

The guest has the possibility to pay the fee for the entire stay before and / or on arrival at the hotel, as well as for the other costs or requirements requested of the hotel in cash or by bank card, or by pre-authorizing a bank card. If the deposit has already been paid to guarantee the reservation, the guest will pay the difference up to the total amount paid upon arrival at the hotel. The current costs will be paid only in the local currency of the hotel in lei or at the NBM exchange rate, according to the booking process.

The guest has the obligation to pay in accordance with the agreed rate for accommodation and for the extra services agreed according to the offer, at the latest on the last day of stay based on the presentation of the account, together with proof of deposit initially offered by the guest.

If the credit card offered by the guest for collateral does not have enough funds to cover the reservation, then the reservation will be considered invalid and will be canceled. The same cancellation policy also applies if the guest has a credit card with an invalid expiration date or which expires before the day of arrival at the hotel.

By making a reservation, the guest agrees to the hotel withdrawing the cancellation amount from the credit card used for the guarantee, as mentioned above.
Reservations must be guaranteed by the payment of accommodation costs. Payment can be made by electronic money transfer (in the bank account mentioned on the proforma invoice) or by credit card.

If the guest does not pay or cannot present a travel voucher at the requested time, the hotel can treat the reservation as if it was canceled without further notice.


In case of cancelation up to 48 hours before the date of entry, the reservation will be canceled free of charge.
The money for the reservation can be used for another date

If the reservation is canceled in less than 48 hours, no refund will be given. Also, the money is not returned in case of non-attendance at the appointed time.



Changes made as a result of any reservations must be made in writing. No changes will be guaranteed until received in writing by the hotel. The rates resulting from the changes may vary, depending on the nature of the change, as well as the availability at the time of the change brought to the reservations.

The hotel is not responsible for damages caused by the guest outside the hotel premises.

Check In: starting at 15:00
Check Out: until 12:00

The hotel is entitled to accommodate a guest or to receive a visitor only if they are subject to these terms and conditions. Upon arrival at the hotel reception, the guest will present a document proving the identity (identity card, passport, driving license) of the hotel employee present at the reception.

Requests for earlier accommodations or later cancellations may be honored only on the day of check-in and check-out, respectively, depending on the availability of that day and will be subject to additional fees.

The Mansion Boutique Hotel can store guests' luggage for a short period of time, before or after accommodation.

In case you need an accommodation earlier than the standard one of the hotel, please contact us. The hotel recommends booking the night before accommodation for situations where you want a guarantee for accommodation earlier than standard time.
Exceeding the check-out time without prior notice of reception may lead to extra charges, including but not limited to the late check-out fee or even the accommodation fee for an additional night.


The guest will be directly responsible for any damage caused to the hotel room or public spaces on any furniture, electronic equipment, sanitary ware, flooring, finishing or any accessory by the act produced by himself, his guests, subcontractors or guests.

If such damage / damage is observed after the guest's departure (without prior notice to the hotel), the hotel reserves the right to recover the damage by charging the guest's credit card, provided as a guarantee.

The hotel reserves the right to collect the equivalent value of any object appropriated by the hotel guest. The fee will cover all costs of replacing the missing item.

The hotel reserves the right to take action against any guest who tries to block and damage any equipment used to detect and / or extinguish smoke or fire (detectors in rooms and public spaces, fire extinguishers and / or hydrants).

Guests who suffer such damages will be charged at any cost to the hotel as a result of their actions, and may be instructed to leave the hotel.

In the event that these damages are observed after the guest's cancellation, the guest will be deducted the amount of money from the credit card provided for the station.

The hotel reserves the right to judge the attitude, behavior and accepted noise of the guest or its guests, who must take all necessary measures to correct the actions as requested by the hotel staff.

In the event that an amicable settlement is not reached, the hotel may finalize a reservation and may request the immediate departure of the guest without being obliged to return the money paid for accommodation or to pay any compensation.

The hotel cannot accommodate people under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any narcotic and psychotropic substances. The hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation immediately without making any compensation or refund to the guest or to the guest.

The hotel reserves the right not to accommodate guests with an aggressive, verbally or physically insulting attitude during check-in, during stay or on check-out day. The hotel is entitled to cancel the reservation immediately and to make the expulsion from the room and its own premises without offering any compensation, in case these rules will be violated.

In order to prevent any misunderstandings at the accommodation (check in), please book carefully and send us the real information on the reservation, in which the accommodation data, the tariff and the number of guests will be clearly noted. We will always try to meet the changes, needs and requests of our guests, but we will not be responsible for requests that we cannot honor due to an incorrect booking.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms and in all public spaces inside the hotel, including corridors, stairs, conference room, bathrooms, and reception area as well as the entire ground floor of the hotel. Smoking is also prohibited in the immediate vicinity of the hotel entrance. Smoking is allowed only outside the hotel, in the public area specially designed.

Ignition of any source of fire, including candles, fireworks and / or chopsticks is strictly forbidden inside the hotel and will result in penalties of 200 euros.

For non-compliance with the situations described above, the hotel has the right and obligation to notify the police and to cancel the accommodation immediately without returning any value to the guest.


A valid credit card that will be used as a guarantee / deposit or for pre-authorization is required at the time of booking but also at the time of accommodation.

The hotel accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards.


All terms and conditions implied by legal status or common law are excluded from this document.

The hotel is not responsible in case of loss or damage of the personal belongings of the guests or of the guests of the guests. The liability of the hotel is limited in accordance with the legal regulations, and strictly applicable to the value of this agreement.

The hotel is not responsible for the damage or disappearance of the personal belongings of the guests, following their interaction with other persons besides the hotel staff or guests / visitors of the guests, during the stay.

The hotel recommends that guests make sure that during the whole period when they are not in the hotel room, the door to the room is closed, otherwise the hotel does not assume responsibility for the disappearance of personal items. Guests are advised to take out travel insurance to cover the costs of any events such as loss of luggage, personal belongings, or money.

The guest is directly responsible for any damage caused inside the hotel and especially in the hotel room, including finishes, furniture, decorations, sanitary ware, linen, towels and / or bathrobes, equipment and electronic systems in the room. Any damage of any kind to movable and immovable property caused intentionally or through the negligence of guests or their guests / visitors will be penalized accordingly, the guest paying the value of the damaged goods, repair / replacement costs and, where applicable, indirect damages to the hotel. in case he is unable to offer the room for accommodation.


For security reasons, a video surveillance system is active outside the building as well as in public spaces inside. The use of records is made regularly by applying the law of protection of personal data.

The hotel staff is not authorized to make use of these records or to make them available to third parties, except for the written request received from the police, after identification.

Codru Complex reserves the right to deduct any amount due by the guest, and the exercise of this right is without prejudice to any other rights that the hotel may have under this agreement or the law.

The agreement will be interpreted in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, and the guest agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Moldova.