Privacy Policy

  1. Agreement

    Personal data is any information that allows an individual to be identified directly (for example, a surname) or indirectly (for example, a telephone number).

    Before providing us with your personal information, we recommend that you read the privacy policy.

    This Privacy Policy Statement is part of the terms and conditions governing our hotel services. You give your full consent by accepting the terms and conditions of this statement.

  2. Applicability

    In this Privacy Policy, the pronouns “we”, “us”, “our”, etc. refer to Complex- Codru. We understand the importance of protecting the personal data of our customers and try to clearly explain how we collect, use, disclose, transmit and store information. This Privacy Policy governs our methods of collecting, processing and using personal data.

    The Privacy Policy applies to this website and to any services or functionality we provide that are mentioned in or linked to this Privacy Policy (collectively referred to as our “Service”).
    Please note that the Privacy Policy applies to your use of our Service. It also applies whether you are using a computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV or other device to access our Service. It also refers to a Service that we provide without electronic means.

    Please read the Privacy Policy carefully, because every time you use our Service, you agree to the rules described in the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the rules described in the Privacy Policy, you should not use our Service.

  3. For what purposes do we collect data?

    We collect and use personal data to improve service and manage customer relationships and to provide our Service. Some personal information is collected to provide you with personalized and improved services.

    We collect personal data for the purpose of:

    a) For the purpose of managing room reservations and other hospitality services
    • In order to create and store legal documents in accordance with applicable law
    • For the purpose of collecting information to prepare and satisfy requests related to your stay (for example, room preferences)

    b) For the purpose of managing hotel accommodation
    • We manage access to your number
    • We control the use of services (telephone in the room, mini-bar, online ordering food in the room, WiFi, etc.)
    • We manage lists of personal customer data for operational reasons such as today's arrival, departure or a list of special category customers (eg VIP, etc.)

    c) In order to improve our hotel services
    • In order to adapt our products and Services to better meet your requirements and those of our customers
    • In order to process your personal data using marketing programs for marketing and advertising purposes, as well as to better understand your requirements and desires
    • To provide you with useful information about promotions or other promotional messages
    • In order to provide you with information about special offers and the new Service
    • In order to provide you with customized content and suggestions based on your previous activities

    d) For the purpose of managing the relationship with you before and after your stay at the hotel
    • for the purpose of managing loyalty programs
    • for the purpose of managing client databases
    • for the purpose of assessing and analyzing the market, our customers, products and services
    • for the purpose of generating statistical data and reports
    • in order to manage the preferences of new and regular customers
    • for the purpose of sending brochures, promoting products and offers. We can also contact you by phone
    • We manage requests for removal from update lists
    • for the purpose of creating and processing questionnaires and their statistical data
    • We run lotteries, contests or offer packages in accordance with applicable law

    e) In order to improve our Service
    • We conduct market research and analysis of questionnaires and customer reviews
    • We handle customer claims and complaints
    • We offer you the benefits of loyalty programs

    f) Systems Security
    • We record data for security and fraud prevention

    g) In order to comply with Greek and European law

    h) For the safe use of spa services and our fitness centers

    i) For the purpose of conducting marketing research, customer satisfaction and quality of service, as well as direct marketing and sales promotion

    j) For the purpose of conducting targeted advertising campaigns on the Internet through third party websites

  4. What personal data do we collect?

    Information that you provide to us directly.
    Some of our Services allow you to provide information directly to us. For example:

    • If you order a paid service or product from us, we may ask for your name, number, and billing information to process your order.
    • If you enter an online competition or promotion we organize, we may ask for your name, contact information, email address, age and gender, your personal or business interests, other personal characteristics, and your opinion about our products and / or services.
    • Some of our Services allow us to communicate with other people. This communication will be transmitted through our systems and stored in them

    The information we require from you and / or your family members is as follows:
     Contact Information (for example surname, name, patronymic, number passports, identity card, telephone, home address, email)
     Personal data (e.g. date of birth, nationality, place of birth)
     Payment information (e.g. credit card number, VAT number)
     Program Member Number Loyalty (number of a member of a loyalty program   or a third-party program such as an airline)
     Arrival and departure date, flight number and room number
     Preferences and interests (e.g. non-smoking room, preferred floor, bed type, sports, cultural interests)
     Medical data, related to your health, such as medical reports and certificates, results of medical examination, data on pathological diseases, etc.
    • Questions and comments, left during your stay or after your stay at one of our hotels.

    The information we collect regarding people under the age of 18 is limited to first name, last name, citizenship and date of birth and can only be provided to us by an adult / guardian. Please make sure that your children do not send us personal information without your consent (especially over the Internet). However, if such information is sent to us, please contact Data Privacy (see the Questions & Contact section) to request the deletion of this information.

    Information such as your passport number, your leisure time, hobbies, potential health problems, whether you smoke or not can be considered confidential. We only retain such information as required by applicable law or after obtaining your explicit consent (for example, providing you with an appropriate Service, such as a special diet)

    Information about using our Service
    In addition to the information you provide directly, we may also collect information about your use of our Services through software on your device and other means. For example, we can collect:
     Device Information - e.g. model, mobile ID devices, (IMEI number) and other unique device identifiers, MAC address, IP address, operating system versions and used by you to access to the Device Configuration Service.
     Information about entering the system - for example, the time and duration of use of the Service, search queries, and any information stored in cookies placed on your device.
     Information about location - for example, your device's GPS signal or WiFi hotspot information may be transmitted to us at time of using our Services (e.g. Wi-Fi, Guestportal, Mobile Apps).
      Voice and graphic information. For security reasons, information such as voice recording, voice commands to use Service or graphic and video data from CCTV cameras may be stored on our servers.
     Other information about your use of our Services: such as applications visited by web sites and use of content.

    Information from a third party
    We may receive information about you from government and commercial sources (in accordance with the requirements of applicable law) and combine it with other information received from and about you. We may also receive information about you from social networks when you use their services.

    Collecting additional information
    We may also collect additional information about you, your device or your use of the services as described above or with your explicit consent.

    You can not provide us with certain information, but this may affect your ability to use a certain Service.

  5. When do we collect personal data?

    We collect personal data in such cases as:

    a) Activities of the complex:
    • Room reservation
    • Registration and payment
    • Reservation of a room and / or use of hotel services such as catering, spa services and entertainment services.
    • Various requests, charges / complaints and / and disputes.

    b) Participation in marketing programs or events:
    • Registration of joining the loyalty club (if any)
    • Participation in online and offline surveys (for example, Guest Satisfaction Survey)
    • Participation in competitions and games
    • Subscribe to the newsletter to receive offers and other promotions by email.

    c) Obtaining information from a third party:
    • Travel agents, tour operators, GDS booking systems, online booking systems (eg, and other booking systems.

    d) Actions using electronic devices
    • Login to our websites
    • Connecting to the Wi-Fi network of our hotels
    • Completing online forms (eg booking form, pre-registration form, satisfaction survey form, etc.)

  6. Terms of third party access to your personal data

    Complex - Codru will not transfer your personal information without your consent to third parties for their own commercial or marketing purposes.

    However, we may disclose your information to the following parties:

     Affiliated companies. Your information can be provided to affiliated companies.
     Business partners. We we may also share your information with reliable business partners in order to provide you with promotional materials, announcements and other suggestions.
     Service Service providers and/or any third parties that may process information on our behalf. We may also share your information with companies that provide services on our account or behalf, such as IT contractors, bulk mailers, banks, credit card institutions, law firms, mail service companies, printing services companies, etc.
     Service providers and / or third parties processing your information for us.   We may also disclose your information to companies that provide services to us or on our behalf, such as computer contractors, bulk email companies, banks, credit card issuers, law firms, postal companies, printing service companies, etc.
    Loan Approval:   When you apply for a loan, your personal information is used and disclosed to approved third parties in accordance with applicable law in order to make decisions about providing and maintaining a credit limit for you.
    & bull; & nbsp; Other third parties, if required by law or to protect your Service. In several cases, we share your information with a third party:
    o to comply with the law or comply with a mandatory legal process (such as a search warrant or other court order)
    o to confirm or comply with the policies governing our Service and
    o to protect the rights, property or safety of or any related affiliate company, business partner or customer.
    •  Others third parties involved in corporate transactions. We may disclose your information to third parties in the event of a merger or transfer, in the event of bankruptcy, or if we lose control or management or cease to be licensors at one of the hotels that is currently included in our portfolio.
     Transfer of information to a third party from your consent or at your request. In addition to the information described in this Privacy Policy, we may share information about you with a third party at your request or consent..
    • Legal Requirements: We reserve the right to disclose any personal data when requested from a court or government authorities, or if we believe these actions are necessary or desirable in order to comply with the law or protect our rights or property in accordance with applicable law. We also reserve the right to store personal information collected and processed in order to comply with rules and regulations regarding accounting and taxation, as well as special laws on archiving.

    For quality service, we provide access to your personal data or to a certain part of the data, our respective and authorized personnel:
    • Staff of the complex
    • Reservation departments
    • IT department
    • Marketing Department / Guest Relations Department
    • Legal Services Department, if necessary
    • Medical Services, if necessary

  7. What we do to keep your information safe

    We have reasonable organizational and technical means to protect information and, in particular, any confidential personal data that are collected to provide Service. Our IT department complies with international standards and follows procedures to ensure network security and data encryption.

    Please be aware, however, that while we take reasonable steps to protect your information, no website, no internet transmission, no the computer system and wireless connection are not completely secure.

  8. Data storage

    We take reasonable steps to ensure that your information is retained only for as long as it is needed or as required by contract or applicable law.

  9. Cookies, beacons and similar technologies

    We, as well as a third party providing content, advertising or other means, may use cookies, beacons and other technologies.

    Cookies are small files that store information on your computer, mobile phone or other device. They allow whoever puts them on your device to recognize you across different sites, servers, devices, and / or recognize your browsing period. Cookies serve many useful purposes. For example:
    • Cookies remember your login credentials, so you do not need to enter them every time you enter our sites.
    • Cookies collect information about the use of the site by users, for example, data about the most visited pages and the length of the visit, therefore we use cookies to improve the functionality of our Service, improve the efficiency of page navigation, remember settings and maximize the user experience.
    • Cookies are used to limit the number of times a user views the same advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
    • Cookies help us and third parties provide you with relevant content and advertisements by collecting information about your use of our Service and other websites and applications

    You can block or delete cookies, as well as restrict their action in the settings of your browser. The actions required for this may vary across browsers. Please use the Help function in your browser for instructions. The operating system of your device may contain additional cookie settings.

    Please note that certain Services on our sites are only available through the use of cookies. Disabling cookies may result in restricted access to our content and inadequate functioning of the sites.

    Other local storage
    We and some third parties may also use other types of local storage, such as local shared objects (called "Flash cookies") and HTML5 local storage (HTML5 web storage). The HTML5 web storage functionality allows a web page to store data on a visitor's computer. Unlike regular cookies, these tools can use different parts of your device and therefore cannot be controlled using standard browser tools and settings.

    We and some third parties may also use web beacons, which are electronic images called single pixel images that send information from your device to a server. Web beacons can be embedded in web content, video and email and allow a server to read a certain type of information from your device, know when you viewed a specific content or a specific email message, determine the time and date you viewed, a web beacon, and The IP address of your device. We and some third parties use web beacons for purposes such as analyzing the use of our Service (in conjunction with cookies) and to provide you with more relevant content and advertisements.

    By accessing and using our Service, you agree to place cookies, other local tracking technologies, web beacons and other information on your devices. You also allow us and the third party mentioned above to access these cookies, local storage, web beacons and information.

  10. Access - Correction of your information - Right to Delete Personal Data

    By law, in some jurisdictions, you can request information about the data we collect and correct inaccuracies in it. Any additional statutory rights of the user remain unaffected. We may charge you a small fee to provide this option, subject to any applicable retention laws in force. We may refuse to comply with repetitive and unreasonable requests that require disproportionate technical effort, compromise the privacy of others, are highly impractical or involve unnecessary access, as required by national law. If you would like to request access to your information, please contact the Data Privacy Department.

    You can also request that your personal information be deleted at any time.

  11. Updates

    This policy is subject to change, for this reason we ask you to check from time to time and especially before booking a room in our hotels. By accessing or using our Service after the publication of an updated version of the Privacy Policy, you agree to the new rules contained in the update. The latest version of the Privacy Policy is always available at You can check the 'Entry Date by virtue of »   see above for when the last update of the Privacy Policy was made.

    A printed form of the Policy can be found at the reception of our hotels or you can request to send it to you by contacting the Data Privacy department in advance (see the section "Questions and Contacts").