Codru Event Hall

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   Codru banquet complex is a multifunctional space that has the necessary infrastructure for holding wedding ceremonies, corporate parties, concerts, presentations, exhibitions, seminars, briefings, conferences and other events.
   The complex is located in the heart of Moldova in the Codru reserve. It consists of 6 halls of various capacities from 20 to 250 people. There is a private secure parking.
    Each hall has the necessary infrastructure to ensure maximum comfort for the guests of the event. There are technical possibilities for the installation and connection of equipment, stage        structures and decorations, as well as a professional theater stage on the territory.
   All places are equipped with climate control equipment, video projectors, high-speed internet.
Professional LED lighting around the entire perimeter of the main hall allows you to adjust the light and atmosphere in the room to the style of your event.

 Codru event hall is famous for its wide variety of dishes. The menu includes author's, European and national cuisines.
One of the advantages of our complex is that we can provide our guests with the following range of services: a hotel with a capacity of up to 100 people, a 400 sq. other

The celebration at the Codru Complex will leave pleasant memories, will be remembered for the high level of organization, first-class service, and the impeccable work of the staff.
Codru Complex guarantees quality cuisine and excellent service.

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